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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A brand new drug is being developed by scientists as the University of Bradford that is promising new hope for mesothelioma sufferers, who are regularly given just 1 year to live after diagnosis.

Known only as HXR9, the findings on this new drug have been published recently in the BMC Cancer journal.

How Does The Drug Work?

This revolutionary drug has built upon pre-existing knowledge about how cancer cells work, and forces the cancer cells to shut down:

·         The HXR9 drug prevents cancer cells from avoiding the process of unhealthy and damaged cells closing themselves down and dying (this is known as apoptosis).
·         Cancer cells have developed over time to ignore this process but HXR9 forces apoptosis. It is the first drug to work in mesothelioma cases, where the cancer is resistant to all current chemotherapy treatments.
·         After three weeks' treatment with HXR9, human mesothelioma tumours in mice stopped growing, with a complete loss of tumour blood vessels and widespread cancer cell death.
·         It is hoped that the new drug will be available for human use with continued trials.

Targeting Aggressive Forms of Mesothelioma

HXR9 targets the HOX gene family, which are usually switched off in adults, but previous research has shown that in many cancers HOX genes are switched back on, helping the cancer grow.

Mesothelioma has a strong association with HOXB4; and this study has found the more HOXB4 that is present, the shorter time the patient survived. During the study, scientists may have unlocked the secret to predicting which patients have the most aggressive form of mesothelioma.

Specialist mesothelioma solicitor at Simpson Millar, Helen Grady comments:

"I very much welcome this news; I have many mesothelioma clients who are on drug trials around the country and desperate for new drugs. 
It is absolutely tragic that the treatment options are currently very limited for this aggressive cancer. It is obviously upsetting when I see new clients and can only offer a financial remedy.
Research such as this certainly is a ray of hope and shines light on such a tragic situation."

Simpson Millar Can Help You

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