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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Hidden Dangers of Asbestos Panelled Gas Meters

Asbestos was once a very commonplace building material used for its insulation and fire retardant qualities. Now largely removed, those that worked in certain industries may have been unwittingly exposed.

When we read about asbestos and the related health issues such as mesothelioma and other cancers, we immediately think of asbestos in insulation products. However, asbestos was widely used in many other settings and may still be present in numerous locations.

One such place is in the panelling around gas meters where asbestos was used in sheet panelling format to insulate and protect. Asbestos sheeting was also used to a lesser degree in electrical meter boxes. Use in these locations may have affected both the employees at the manufacturing plant as well as those that have regular or irregular access and contact with these meters. The issue of regularity of contact and degree of exposure is a contentious issue, as there is no direct correlation between how exposed one has to be to be affected.

Those that are most likely to have a repeated exposure to asbestos in gas meters are naturally going to be those that either manufactured them, fitted them or had to regularly access them to get readings. Residents who have a gas meter with asbestos panelling may also have been exposed, and although most gas companies have demonstrated highly proactive moves to replace them, there are still cases of gas meters being in circulation.

Where professionals have regular exposure to asbestos in the workplace, personal protection equipment should have been used. Again, thanks to growing awareness and regulation, the use of personal protection equipment is widely adhered to but there are many cases where employers have cut corners or not adhered to regulations.

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  1. Suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE)with the correct filter (P3)should be the main PPE to guard against exposure to asbestos. A face mask is only classed as suitable RPE if the wearer has had a face fit test for the selected mask