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Monday, 1 August 2011

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sufferers Challenge Ruling Set to Prevent Asbestos Compensation

A court ruling that looks set to put a stop to victims of asbestos-related diseases receiving asbestos compensation has outraged sufferers and their families.

The Court of Appeal granted a partial victory to the insurers that aimed to prevent sufferers of diseases like mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer receiving asbestos compensation that could be of great benefit to their lives.

Judges ruled that in some cases, sufferers of the incurable asbestos-related diseases would not be entitled to compensation based on the fine print of their insurance details. 

Immediately challenging the ruling, the trade union Unite and other organisations are concerned that thousands of sufferers and even people yet to fall victim to the disease will ultimately be missing out on the asbestos compensation they deserve.

Symptoms resulting from conditions like mesothelioma only appear many years after the asbestos dust had been inhaled by the victims and as a result many were unknowingly exposed before the dangers of asbestos came to light.

However, Unite looks set to challenge the ruling. One official stated; "The way the insurers refused to pay out in these cases is a kick in the guts to every family that’s watched a loved-one suffer a painful and degrading death from mesothelioma."

With asbestos-related diseases on the rise for the foreseeable future, many families are worried that they may be duped out of the asbestos compensation and policies they relied on due to legal fine print. 

Opposing the latest ruling, trade union group Unite is in the process of appealing the decision at a higher court to ensure very sufferer has a right to claim asbestos compensation for an incurable and preventable disease.

If you or your family members are concerned that they may no longer be entitled to asbestos compensation, you could still be eligible to make a claim. We encourage you to call us on 0800 634 1626 for valuable legal advice on how to begin making a claim for the compensation you deserve.


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