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Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday, 26 August 2011

The Dangers of Widespread Asbestos Pipe Insulation

Asbestos pipe insulation is still prevalent in buildings across the country which poses an immediate threat to families and employees from almost every discipline.

Houses, hospitals, factories, schools and almost any other building constructed or refurbished prior to 2000 may still have their pipes clad in asbestos insulation. A cheap and durable product, asbestos was widely used to insulate domestic and commercial heating and cooling systems.

Despite a ban in the use of asbestos since 2000, pipes throughout the country still use asbestos insulation which may still be posing a risk to those living and working around or near it. Deterioration of asbestos pipe insulation can cause cladding to become unstable and detrimental to the health of individuals. Many employees may be unaware they are being exposed to harmful airborne asbestos fibres that are directly linked to mesothelioma cancers and asbestosis. 

Employees of factories and commercial premises may have been most at risk where asbestos pipe insulation was often part of the air delivery system which may have transported airborne asbestos fibres to many unsuspecting victims. Some companies, organisations and public bodies failed to adequately protect their employees and visitors from these dangerous and unstable substances. As a result, some workers developed fatal diseases which have lead to many individuals claiming asbestos compensation for their unnecessary exposure.

Men are thought to be most at risk from developing asbestos-related diseases as they dominated the labour intensive industries and often dealt with old asbestos pipe insulation. As a result, 2000 men are expected to die of mesothelioma in the UK in the next 12 months. Consequently, many mesothelioma and asbestosis sufferers who believe they never came into direct contact with asbestos-containing materials could be entitled to asbestos compensation where a place of work contained asbestos pipe insulation. Additionally, workers that were insufficiently protected or not supplied with protective breathing apparatus may also be entitled to asbestos compensation having contracted an asbestos related disease.

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