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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Asbestos Fire Blankets – Hidden Dangers of Old Safety Equipment

While the technology and materials used in modern fire blankets has evolved significantly, there may be asbestos fire blankets still in many homes. Old, worn, partially used asbestos fire blankets may pose the greatest risks.

Historically, asbestos was often used in many different products, but thanks to growing awareness of the potential health risks and stricter legislation, asbestos based products are highly regulated and decreasing in use.

One such product are fire blankets which were traditionally made from asbestos. Fire blankets are designed to wrap around a person to extinguish clothing that was on fire or put out kitchen or other fires. Given our growing knowledge of the dangers of asbestos based illnesses, asbestos has been removed from the production process of fire blankets. Today fire blankets are largely made from fire retardant materials such as fibre glass that have been thoroughly tested to have no associated health risks.

This is welcome news but there is concern that, despite significant press and media coverage of the health dangers associated with asbestos, there may still be a considerable number of asbestos fire blankets in many homes. The sale and circulation of asbestos fire blankets has been pretty systematically stopped, but there appears to have never been a dedicated campaign to remove asbestos fire blankets from homes.

In the commercial sector there has been much more active push to remove and replace asbestos fire blankets from circulation but again there is still an unknown number still in place.

The main concern with any asbestos fire blankets still in circulation is that over time, through partial use and age based deterioration, they may have degraded to the degree that they emit asbestos fibres that become airborne. Once airborne, there is the associated danger of mesothelioma and one key issue to remember, is that there is no direct correlation with the amount of exposure and the chances of being affected.

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  1. wow I didn't know that fire blankets have asbestos in it. great blog, it is very informative! from now on, I'll start cleaning my house and be aware of its dangers, asbestos removal is one the top priority now to avoid cancer.

    1. Ideally, homes should be prepared with at least two fire extinguishers. Kitchen and furnace places are usually the most ideal locations for this kind of devices. To prevent being trapped in a risky scenario, fire security devices should be placed near the exit places of these rooms.

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