Saturday, 6 August 2011

Asbestos Deterioration in Cement Corrugated Roof Sheets

Asbestos cement roofing pose a variety of health hazards as older roofs continue to deteriorate, releasing dangerous asbestos fibres to unsuspecting victims.

A popular choice for shed roofs and garages in the past, many owners are becoming increasingly concerned about the deterioration of the asbestos in their cement corrugated roof sheets which pose a variety of health risks. Being cheap, lightweight, economic and easy to install; asbestos-containing cement was used in the production of roofing tiles, eaves, gutters, water tanks, flues. As a result, asbestos is still prevalent in homes, commercial buildings and factories across the country.

Over the years, many tradesmen and roofers will have worked on cement corrugated roof sheets which may have been detrimental to their future health. Cement corrugated roof sheets typically contain between 5-15% asbestos; depending on the type and make. Normally, cement roofs were made with white asbestos which is considered safer than brown or blue asbestos but is no less harmful, as breathing in or ingesting airborne fibres can lead to the same asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma and asbestosis. 

Although many reputable companies are largely aware of the risks associated with asbestos, some roofing repair companies have previously sent employees to remove and replace damaged or deteriorated asbestos cement roofs without adequate protection or hazard awareness. As a result, the health of many roofers was put at risk; leading to victims of asbestos-related diseases seeking much-need asbestos compensation.

Natural deterioration through weathering and moss growth can cause asbestos cement roofing to become very brittle and as a result, roofers can easily crack the cement and release dangerous amounts of asbestos fibres. Employers should have ensured workers wore adequate protective equipment, were aware of the risks and used crawling boards to minimise chances of damaging asbestos cement roofing. 

Left alone and in good condition, asbestos cement corrugated roof sheets are relatively harmless. However, with employer misguidance and subsequent mishandling of deteriorated asbestos-containing materials; a large number of men working on roofs developed fatal diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma. Because these diseases could have easily been prevented with a little caution and corporate responsibility; many sufferers developing the disease are claiming the asbestos compensation they are entitled to.

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