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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Asbestos: The Truth

Autumn Seminar for Industry Leaders

An important seminar revealing the hidden dangers of asbestos will take place in Gateshead on 23 September 2010.

We are pleased to see that leading companies in the construction industry are continuing to educate their sector about the dangers of asbestos.

We note that a day long specialist asbestos event is being hosted in Gateshead. “Asbestos – The Truth” aims to clarify legislative changes and recently updated guidance from the Health and Safety Executive on the management and potential removal of asbestos and asbestos products.

Gateshead based national asbestos management company Lucien Environmental, managing director Dr Patrick Morton said “Not only is there confusion among the public, but there is also confusion within areas of the construction and property management industry. There is still a job to do in getting the right messages across the people and this seminar will seek to address that”.

Hundreds of delegates are expected to attend to hear keynote speakers set out recent changes in government legislation in the management and removal of asbestos in our schools, council buildings, factories and other public buildings. Martin Gibson from the Health & Safety Executive will set out what the new asbestos regulations mean to people responsible for public buildings. The day long event will be facilitated by former Tyne Tees news presenter Kim Inglis.

Whilst all forms of asbestos are now banned in the UK the substance was so widely used from the 1950s onwards that the legacy will remain with us for many years yet. There are still large amounts of asbestos in our public buildings, schools, hospitals and work places. When asbestos is disturbed whether by building works, DIY enthusiasts or otherwise it will release tiny particles into the atmosphere which when breathed in can cause cancer.

Tiny particles become imbedded in the lung tissue and can give rise to an inflammatory response in the body. Typically after 30 years from the date of exposure to asbestos dust the inflammatory response can give rise to a malignancy mechanism by which asbestos causes cancer is the subject of intense scientific research at the current time whilst countries across the world with high incidences of asbestos cancer deaths struggle with the asbestos legacy.

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